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If you’re planning to run an outdoor event, one of the first things you need to consider is how you’re going to power it. No matter the event, it is likely you will need to provide power in some compacity, and it is important you can source event generator hire that is safe, reliable and affordable.

Whether you’re holding an outdoor wedding or a marquee event such as a party, graduation, corporate event or spectator space – it is important you can provide an environment that keeps your guests comfortable – be that air conditioning or heat provisions as well as the ability for your hospitality team to be able to store and prepare refreshments.

At Templant, we have been operating for over thirty years to provide event power hire to a whole range of events and remain a privately owned family run business since we launched in 1989.

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Enjoy The Outdoors With Event Power Hire

When the sun is shining, there is nothing more enjoyable than enjoying the great outdoors. Even when the sun fails to show, the right atmosphere can provide the perfect event experience. If you’re planning a festival, outdoor concert or party – be sure you can get the music playing with event generator hire.

Power speakers, microphones and instruments with a high quality generator from Templant, we are happy to advise on your needs based on the size and scope of your event. We know that seeing your event go without a hitch is important, which is why we provide safe reliable service and have a team of experienced electricians to install and certify temporary power packages for any environment.

In the unlikely event you encounter a problem, we operate twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week to provide rapid response to fix any issues you run into to provide minimal disruption to your event.

From fuelling food stalls to providing lighting once the sun sets, Templant’s event power generators can ensure your event runs smoothly and successfully. We have helped power a whole host of events such as corporate events, product launches, weddings, parties, graduations, VIP spectator areas, festivals, food markets and sporting events.

Whatever your event, we can provide event power hire and ensure your outdoor event has all the resources to run smoothly providing entertainment, refreshments and comfort for your guests. Generator hire is a lot more affordable than you may think and with our professional service you can feel confident about the safety and quality of our event power solutions.

The Best Choice For Event Power

If you’re looking for a reliable, friendly and professional provider of event power solutions, Templant are your ideal choice. Based in Chelmsford we supply our services across Essex, London and Hertfordshire to help provide event power that you can rely on.

If you are unsure of the type of event power hire you will need, we are happy to discuss your requirements and advise the amount of power you will need to run a generator at your event. We strive to provide excellent customer service and support, which is how we have lasted thirty years in this industry and built up a loyal band of customers as well as new clients.

Call us now to discuss generator hire for your events, whether you’re planning for the future or need an urgent power replacement – we are more than happy to provide our services to you at an affordable price with excellent customer service.

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