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We understand that on a construction site, timing is everything and you need to be able to stick to targets and deadlines to see the project completed on time. However, the British weather isn’t a predictable element, so bad weather can risk projects falling behind.

Cement needs the right environment to cure properly and damp weather can risk compromising this, likewise you may need a warm and dry environment to help dry plaster, paint or protective coatings and cold damp weather can make this difficult on an open building site.

Thankfully, with our range of generator options, you can benefit from the portable power to be able to run heaters and dryers to keep your project running on time and delivering the results you need.

Likewise, whether you are in a built up area or a remote area, you are likely to need a reliable power source to operate equipment such as tower cranes, welders, pumps, cement mixers and other tools. Our range of construction site power options mean you can run these without issue, with generators to fit all sizes and needs.

Silent Power Construction Site Generator

If you are working in a built up residential area, office block or need to complete overnight works, our hybrid power generators are a great option. They can provide silent power to prevent disruption to neighbouring homes and buildings to help avoid complaints or delays to your project.

If you have a green policy or are conscious of reducing your carbon emissions, you might also be pleased to know that our hybrid construction site generator can help reduce on-site emissions by as much as 70%.

Creating A Comfortable Working Environment

Whether your construction site is operating through winter or summer, extreme weather can affect productivity. A construction site generator can help provide heating, cooling or ventilation to an area to create a comfortable environment for your workforce – providing benefits for their health and wellbeing as well as comfort.

Whether you need to heat or cool a working area or in a cabin rest area or office, our construction site generator hire can provide a range of benefits to everyone on site – helping to create an environment comfortable for everyone to work whatever the time of year.

Why Choose Templant for a Construction Site Generator?

Templant have been operating for many years and take great pride in delivering excellent customer service to each and every client. All of our engineers are fully trained and qualified with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 accreditation as well as being licensed HGV drivers, ADR operatives, HIAB technicians and fully qualified 17th edition electricians.

We ensure all of our engineers are provided with full health and safety training and when delivering your generator on site, will complete a full assessment to ensure the location of the generator will not cause risk to anyone or anything looking at things such as the ground it will be placed on, temperature control and if there is a possible flood risk.

We’ll get our assessment completed quickly and efficiently and answer any questions you may have, before getting your generator up and running. Should there be any issues once we are gone, we can provide an emergency response service to come to solve the issue and minimise disruption.

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Templant are based just 20 miles from London, meaning we are in the ideal location to provide generators across London, Essex and the home counties as well as further afield.

Whether you need a generator at short notice or want to get a quote for a generator for your construction site, call us now on 0844 561 6344 to discuss your needs and we’ll be happy to help and advise on the right generator to suit your needs.

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