Pentalver Container Sales
May 18, 2022
 by Pentalver Container Sales

I have just spoken with the customer Alex and he could not speak highly enough of Chris the driver who delivered the unit. He said Chris was brilliant and extremely helpful and will be looking to get a couple more units in near future and has asked if he will be able to request Chris every time.

CSL Power Systems
May 2, 2022
 by CSL Power Systems

We received a call from Cummins asking us to mobilise a 1400kva generator + cable, for first thing tomorrow morning, to be on site in Birmingham. Few phone calls around & as always, Chris Allen is quick & professional to respond, has the kit and transport confirmed within minutes of the enquiry, and a quote in my inbox. Andrew & Bradley heading up there early doors to carry out the installation. Templant Rental Power are always a pleasure to deal with, with no hassles. Having reliable partners is a big deal.

Budget Shipping Containers
Apr 12, 2022
 by Budget Shipping Containers

Any UK lift driver would have taken 1 look at either of my first 2 sites today and returned back home with the box on. Your driver Daisy found a way to get the job done with some difficult customers, and the videos help this end with a bit of training and helping the team understand the realities of deliveries.

So credit where its due, you have a top driver there and he has done us proud today, we have good quality training material from it, but even better chances are we got deliveries done when with other hauliers I feel we wouldn’t have ever had the job complete and no doubt end up arguing charges out with customers.

He is a genuine credit to you guys (his employer), and I am thankful to be using you guys and him for deliveries, and no he hasn’t put me up to this! 😊

Brendan Sothcott
Apr 9, 2022
 by Brendan Sothcott

Worth a mention that the kit supplied was all in very good condition and both your drivers were excellent men. Very impressed with your service.

Susanna Hart
Apr 1, 2022
 by Susanna Hart

I am writing to say how exceptional it was today to encounter such a helpful and charming driver as Mark. From the very start he was courteous. This was a small driveway but he dealt with it excellently, delivering the two containers and parking them exactly where we wanted. It is very rare to find these manners, and the whole day went well.

Identity Group
Mar 17, 2022
 by Identity Group

I wanted to say a big thank you to everyone that has worked with us over the last four weeks. The positive attitude, hard work and outstanding attention to detail from the team helped to make the event a huge success. We have received incredible complimentary feedback from the Foreign & Commonwealth Office and NATO over the last 24 hours. Everyone working on the project should be extremely proud of what we have achieved collectively in challenging timescales and conditions. Please pass on the thanks of Identity to your team.

Bullman Marine Supplies & Containers Ltd
Mar 10, 2022
 by Bullman Marine Supplies & Containers Ltd

Gary is an excellent driver, please pass on our thanks and regards to him and his team. I would like Gary to carry out the rest of the deliveries on this project. We will also need him on our upcoming projects.

SRC Group
Feb 24, 2022
 by SRC Group

Your man did a grand job yesterday, many thanks.

Local School
Feb 8, 2022
 by Local School

We just wanted to say your driver was absolutely fantastic on the delivery. We can’t speak highly enough of him and wanted to ensure he’s praised for being so helpful. Thank you very much!

CB Heating Ltd
Feb 7, 2022
 by CB Heating Ltd

The delivery came yesterday and I wanted to say how impressed we were with the haulier. I was worried about the driveway and positioning with space etc. The driver turned up and did it with precision, gave the aura of yes – no problem, when we have had trucks with delivery’s struggling and causing issues with smaller trucks! It was enlightening to have someone fresh with positivity and made the process seem less. He got in a tight spot and we were very impressed! Great doing business with you.

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