Why You Should Choose Our Heavy Haulage Services

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What are the benefits of heavy haulage, and could it be an option for your business? Here is everything you need to know.

What makes us the experts in heavy haulage so many customers trust? Here’s what you can expect from our services, and how we could help you.

Transporting cargo safely

Here at Templant Group, we are able to load and unload large items with ease. We specialise in the transport of plant, cabins and machinery – and are open to requests from customers looking to transport other oversized items. When a piece of cargo is so large, it’s very important that it is loaded and unloaded correctly, both to prevent damage to the cargo and to ensure the safety of those at every stage of the transport process. 

Everything handled in-house

When you contact a company dealing in heavy haulage, you may wait some time for a quote or timeframe due to the fact that they outsource some of the services. Fortunately, there’s no such lack of clarity when you work with us. Everything is dealt with in-house at Templant Group, allowing us to retain tight control over the process and eliminate as many variables as possible. The result? Reliable information from the start, and quality control that you can count on at every stage.

Our experience

If you are going to invest in heavy haulage services, you will want to make sure that you are working with a company with plenty of experience in the field. That sounds just like us! We have been in business since 1989 and have worked with a wide range of customers during that time. We’ve seen the needs of those customers evolve and change over the years and have tailored our services to suit their demands. Therefore, we are able to work on jobs of all sizes and complexities and can get the job done in a variety of timeframes.

A great location

We are ideally located for a range of customers looking for heavy haulage services. We are based in the heart of Essex, meaning that we can serve the Home Counties and London with ease. A lot of our business comes from these areas, and we have built up long-standing relationships with customers in the capital and the surrounding counties, providing heavy haulage services on a regular basis. However, we can also deliver those services on a national scale if required.

Working hard to protect the planet

Last but not least, we have made a name for ourselves for our commitment to the planet. A large number of our customers come to us because of our green policy, which sees us take action on pollution and commit to recycling as much as possible. We don’t pretend to be perfect – but we’re doing our best to work with the environment in mind and adopt green practices where we can. We always comply with the relevant environmental legislation and regulation, and work to exceed our customers’ expectations at all times.

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