Product Focus: Comprehensive Chiller and Boiler Hire with Power Solutions

When customers come to Templant seeking generator hire, they are often in pursuit of robust and comprehensive power solutions to complement their chiller and boiler rental packages. At Templant, our unwavering commitment lies in delivering exceptional service and superior solutions, meticulously tailored to fulfil the specific requirements of our clients with precision and care.

In a synergistic partnership with Celsius Hire, the acclaimed experts in chiller and boiler rentals, we stand united in our pursuit of excellence and commitment to quality. Celsius Hire entrusts us to provide generator packages that not only meet but exceed their exacting standards, ensuring that the heating and cooling solutions we power together operate flawlessly for uninterrupted service.

Our collaboration with Celsius Hire, a vanguard in the domain of temperature control rentals, is a testament to our dedication. Together, we are committed to delivering unparalleled service quality and bespoke solutions, intricately designed to meet the complex demands of our clientele. Through our combined expertise, we ensure that every chiller and boiler rental is powered efficiently, guaranteeing seamless and effective operation across all projects.

Why Opt for Templant’s Generator Solutions with Your Chiller And/or Boiler Hire?

The necessity for a dependable external power source to accompany your chiller and/or boiler hire equipment is a scenario encountered more frequently than anticipated. Numerous facilities face challenges with inadequate power infrastructure to support essential temperature control equipment, particularly when it needs to be integrated into existing systems. Through our strategic partnership with Celsius Hire, we conduct detailed site surveys to pinpoint exact power requirements, thereby ensuring the provision of the most apt generator solution for your site. Discover more about our chiller and boiler hire solutions and how they can be seamlessly powered for optimal performance.

Enhancing Celsius Hire’s Offerings with Templant’s Generator Solutions

The integration of Templant’s generator solutions significantly bolsters Celsius Hire’s ability to deliver premier chiller and boiler rentals. This synergy ensures the fulfilment of power demands for any temperature control setup, promoting a seamless and comprehensive service delivery across diverse industry sectors. Learn how our generator hire services can elevate the efficiency and reliability of chiller and boiler hire packages at your facility.

Industries Benefiting from Our Integrated Solutions

Our collaborative efforts with Celsius Hire bring forth tailored cooling and heating solutions, powered by Templant’s generators, to a broad spectrum of industries, including:

  • Data Centres and Server Rooms
  • Chemical and Pharmaceutical
  • Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities
  • Engineering and Manufacturing
  • HVAC and Building Services

Case Study 1: Automotive Manufacturing Process Cooling

In the face of a critical situation at a prominent automotive manufacturing plant, where unexpected frost damage threatened to halt production lines, the synergy between Templant and Celsius Hire demonstrated exceptional responsiveness and technical proficiency. This particular incident occurred during a severe cold snap, critically damaging the plant’s cooling system. The ‘Weld-line’ cooling system, essential for maintaining the machinery at optimal operating temperatures, was compromised, risking not only the integrity of the manufacturing process but also the safety of the equipment.

Templant’s swift action in deploying a generator was crucial. Not merely a response to an urgent request, it was a testament to our capability to collaborate and implement a power solution for Celsius Hire’s chiller with remarkable speed. The generator provided was specifically chosen to meet the power requirements of the compromised cooling system, ensuring that the temporary solution by Celsius Hire could be implemented without delay.

Celsius Hire, on their part, seamlessly integrated their cooling system with our power solution, demonstrating their expertise in swiftly configuring their equipment to work under emergency conditions. The collaboration ensured that the manufacturing plant’s critical cooling requirements were met without interruption, thereby preventing production delays and potential financial losses. This incident showcased our collective ability to not only respond to emergencies but also to do so in a manner that ensures continuity and reliability for our clients.

Case Study 2. Dairy Sector Cold Store Management

In another instance, a dairy cold store faced significant challenges due to an ageing chiller system that could no longer maintain the required temperatures to ensure the safety and quality of its dairy products. With millions in inventory at risk of spoilage, the stakes were high. The existing infrastructure was not only outdated but also incapable of meeting the cooling demands necessary to preserve the inventory’s integrity, especially during peak summer months.

The generator selected had the capacity to support a new, high-efficiency chiller system provided by Celsius Hire, designed to operate efficiently and reliably under the demanding conditions of the cold store environment. Templant provided a comprehensive generator package tailored to the unique needs of the dairy cold store. This solution was not just about supplying power; it was about ensuring the continuity of operations and the preservation of valuable inventory

The collaboration between Templant and Celsius Hire was instrumental in establishing a new cooling infrastructure that could sustain the critical temperatures required. Celsius Hire’s expertise in configuring and deploying their chiller system, combined with our reliable power solution, ensured that the dairy’s products remained within the safe temperature range, effectively averting a significant financial and reputational loss for the client.

Through both case studies, the partnership between Templant and Celsius Hire illustrates a shared commitment to providing immediate, effective, and reliable solutions to complex challenges. Our collaboration not only addresses the immediate needs of our clients but also underscores our dedication to excellence, innovation, and customer satisfaction in every project we undertake.

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