Templant Awarded FORS Bronze Criteria

Certification demonstrates Templant’s commitment to quality and safety.

Templant is celebrating its recent accreditation under FORS – a unique industry-led scheme aimed at transforming road fleet activity across the UK.

10 August 2016 marked a red letter day for Templant in terms of safety, efficiency and environmental protection. This was the eagerly awaited day of the FORS audit, and it ended in celebration, as the industry-specific accreditation was awarded with no major action points raised by the auditor.

What is FORS?

FORS is an industry led accreditation scheme that helps companies to measure and monitor performance, demonstrate compliance and best practice and to meet contractual requirements.

Bronze accreditation confirms that an operator employs good practices and complies with the requirements laid out by the FORS Standard. This includes demonstrating dedication to the safety of its drivers and vehicles, along with optimising operating procedures through effective monitoring of fuel and tyre usage.

In short, it ensures that the operation of vehicles is as safe, effective and environmentally sound as possible.

Why seek FORS accreditation?

Templant prides itself in being an industry-leader in the field of Power Hire Solutions. Achieving this requires a constant process of continuous improvement, following best practice across all activities and benchmarking against the highest standards.

The company’s existing accreditations to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and CHAS demonstrate its commitment to quality and environmental protection. Attaining FORS accreditation was the logical next step, and the decision to implement FORS was taken by Director Chris Allen in May 2016.

The Accreditation

FORS accreditation covers four key areas: Management, vehicles, drivers and operations. The first area sets out responsibilities and lines of communication, the second looks at such areas as road worthiness and insurance, the third at driver training, health and fitness and the fourth at aspects including routing and scheduling.

Attaining the accreditation with no major action points confirms that Templant’s existing processes were already in line with major industry best practices. The small number or minor action points will be addressed over the coming weeks and demonstrate that there is always room for improvement.

As with all areas related to quality and best practice, nothing can be achieved without the buy-in and contribution of every employee. This latest addition to the company’s list of accreditations is further evidence that every member of the team is committed to making sure Templant remains the first choice for customers as the best provider of Power Hire Solutions.

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