What You Need To Know Before Hiring A Generator

Ensure you understand your requirements and ask for expert help

If you know you require power for a certain event or as back up then hiring a generator is the obvious way to achieve it.

The next step is to ensure you know exactly what you need it for in terms of power demands, where it’ll be positioned while on hire to you, and its levels of usage whether all day, part of the day, evening, through the night and so on.

Help from hire experts

Once you’ve decided you need a generator, then the next key move is to talk to generator hire experts to secure the equipment best suited to your requirements.

There are various factors to consider when it comes to hiring power generation equipment, and an expert with a demonstrable and lengthy track record for providing generators and related equipment along with comprehensive back up such as the Templant Group covering parts of London, Essex and Hertfordshire should be contacted

A professional generator hire company will help ensure you choose the right equipment based on the following ‘must know’ factors:

Your power requirements

When assessing power needs the question of ‘what is actually being powered?’ needs addressing.

Is it powerful security lighting for a construction site? Is it basic low level lighting to illuminate a simple gathering in a marquee? Or is it a reliable supply for more power hungry equipment such as powerful lighting, outside catering equipment and extensive sound systems?

These factors will inform what specification generator you’ll require; it’s difficult for the layman to know the exact power specs needed for given circumstances, so a reputable hire company can suggest appropriate equipment based on your usage requirements.

Times of use

Will the equipment run all day? Will it run during the evening? Is noise a potential issue? For example, a generator running at night in a built up area.

Depending on when the generator is being used will inform what type is supplied; nowadays there are hybrid models that can run silently so may be an option if noise is an issue.

Siting the equipment

Where the equipment will be positioned while on hire to you is very important – especially in the case of larger units.

Your hire company can advise on the best place for positioning and, while some generators can be delivered in a small van and positioned quickly and easily, larger types may need flat bed lorry transportation and positioning by crane.

There’s also perhaps the implication of difficult access to where the generator will be sited, so having a plan in advance of the delivery date of your generator is vital. It’s something else your hire company can help and advise on as they’ll have plenty of experience of delivering and positioning equipment into all manner of locations.

In the case of larger generation units, you’re getting into the realms of requiring proper planning and even project management and risk assessments in order to ensure equipment is moved, positioned and set up properly and efficiently.

It’s all part of a raft of Health and Safety requirements when providing power to a specific event.

In these cases you’ll definitely be glad you approached an experienced generator hire company who can provide the professional expertise you require.

Complying with regulations

Going hand in hand with ‘siting the equipment’ above is the need to ensure adherence to regulations regarding fuel safety, noise control and safe use such as ensuring cabling is properly routed.

For example, if noise may be an issue in a built up area then an acoustic canopy might be required to deaden the sound of the generator.

Finally, a ‘hand over’ briefing with you should be undertaken by the hire company along with full details of how to access their support should it be required.

Your experts

While you need to know a certain amount before hiring your generator as described above, you’ll still require the expertise and back up of an expert generator hire company – especially when using heavy duty, larger generation equipment with siting and health and safety implications.


What you need to know before hiring a generator including usage requirements, where the equipment will be sited and the importance of using expert hire companies.






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