What’s Involved With Generator Installation

If you are hiring a generator for the first time you will no doubt have many questions which will need answering. These will probably be around the practicalities of generator hire for e.g. what size generator will I require? Do we have the space to house one? Or What costs are involved? These questions can be answered quickly and easily by speaking with a reputable generator hire company. However, some of the common scenarios which often get overlooked are around the delivery, installation and maintenance of the generator.  Of course, these tasks are the responsibility of the hire company but here a few points to help you gain a broad understanding.

The size of the generator will determine how this is delivered to your site and the speed of which this can be up and running. Taking into account the size of site and your requirements you may need to house x1 large generator or maybe several smaller units. Smaller generators around the size of the 13.5kva option (which are enough to power for example, lighting and power tools on a construction site) can be towed to location and easily manoeuvred into position. Very small generators less than 10kva are even easier to manage and can be delivered in the back of a van. However, the largest size of generators around the 1250kva size (which are large enough to power outdoor events) would need to be transported on the back of flatbed trailer and craned into position once on site.

Similarly, with the installation smaller generators can be quickly delivered and up and running in minutes. However, a more robust assessment will be carried out if you are hiring one of the larger units as these can be located in many locations including remote countryside, roof top locations or heavily populated areas. This assessment will include a site survey to ensure the generator can be both delivered and installed safely and that it can be accessed easily for maintenance or repair if needed. Assessments will also ensure the full programme of work required is project managed and that any accompanying method statements and risk assessments are produced. Here at Templant Generator Hire Essex we can provide you with all the professional advice and services you will require.

Once delivered to site the installation will be carried out by a team of professional mechanical and electrical installation engineers. Installation services will be fully inclusive to ensure all fuel systems, exhaust systems, noise attenuation systems, distribution panels and necessary cabling are all in place, comply with the current EU regulations and meet your requirements. Depending on the noise emitted by your generator you may require an acoustic canopy to be installed which is in effect, a large box lined with acoustic installation that will absorb any noise produced when the engine is running.  Any fuel tanks required should be fully bunded to ensure no unwanted fuel spillages on site. Once the generator is in situ and up and running the final activity is to cover a full hand over briefing with you, the customer. Any documents and manuals will be shared, and contact information provided for maintenance, emergencies and ongoing cover.

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