What to Look for When Hiring A Generator

In most circumstances hiring a generator makes much more financial sense than purchasing one. With perhaps only occasional or limited usage the benefit of hiring this equipment means there is no need for a large upfront financial outlay, and you won’t need to worry about the servicing and maintenance costs. Plus, if you are planning on running events frequently that require different levels of power supplies, then you can hire a generator each time to suit your needs.

However, if you are looking to hire a generator for your event there are a few things you first need to decide. The initial consideration should be what size of generator you will need? Obviously, this needs to be a unit which will adequately manage the whole power supply of your event. Deciding on what kw output you need will have to be based on what you are planning to run with the generator. Are you simply powering outside lighting and low-level electrical equipment at a family function? or are you planning a large-scale public event requiring power for e.g. sound systems, banks of lighting and outside catering? To ensure you get the right unit for your needs it is advisable to list everything you will be powering, and then armed with information contact a specialist supplier for advice. Generator hire London will be able to advise on rental packages for events based in the South and will discuss all your requirements in detail to create a tailored package specific for your needs. This will also include all the necessary accessories including for e.g. cable kits, distribution panels, security locks and bunded fuel tanks.

It is also beneficial to consider where you would like, or need, your generator to be sited. This is important as you will need to ensure there is adequate access for the delivery and installation of the unit. Smaller units can usually be delivered either in the back of van or towed into situ, but larger units will need to be delivered by an articulated vehicle or even housed in a container. Therefore, easy access and egress of the site is a must. If you think you may need to house more than one unit on site and would like assistance with identifying the best locations, ask your supplier for their advice on the best and safest locations for the units to be housed. Location of your generator(s) is an important consideration especially if your unit is to be situated either in a public area or is to be run through the night. If this is the case, then you may want to enquire about a hybrid generator. Not only do these save on fuel efficiency, by up to 70%, but they have lower emissions and are a perfect silent power option, meaning their noise levels are suitable for overnight requirements.

Finally consider the cost of your rental, cheaper does not mean better. Be sure to hire from a supplier who adheres to the latest EU safety regulations and ask if their electricians are all qualified. Most reputable companies will also work to the standard within ISO 9001 & ISO 14001 qualifications, demonstrating their commitment to providing a professional and safe service to their customers.

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