Templant’s Plans for 2016

Following a hugely successful 25 years in Waltham Abbey, Templant are set to make their mark on Chelmsford.

As the year draws to a close, many of us look towards to the future. That’s exactly what the Templant Group are doing – and they have a lot to be excited about. With a hugely successful 25 years in the temporary power industry behind them, they’re going to be settling in to their new home in the city of Chelmsford in 2016 and building new business partnerships.

Previous Customers

Templant were originally based in Waltham Abbey, and during their time there firmly established their place in the industry. They have provided power for big events such as Hertfordshire University’s annual Slam Dunk Music festival and the Uni summer ball.

As a result of being a preferred supplier of temporary power to Newham Council, they also powered the borough’s ever-popular Guy Fawkes Night the last four years. It’s experience like this that proves that Templant can deliver when it comes to large-scale events and working with the authorities at universities and local councils. They are also currently powering theoutdoor ice skating rink in Colchester.


Templant are familiar with Chelmsford already, having supplied power to one of the area’s most famous events. The Chelmsford Summer Beer Festival attracts visitors from Essex and beyond, serving up a huge variety of beers, ales and ciders, it’s acquired a somewhat legendary status since its inception in 1977. Templant’s event power and lighting ensure that the festival runs smoothly – having attended the last two summer beer festivals, we can give testimony to their good work!

New opportunities

Following Templant’s move to Chelmsford they are very much focused on building a great relationship with a variety of clients in the area. They are now located in close proximity to Hylands Park, which hosts some of the biggest events in the country – the most famous of those being the southern leg of V Festival.

It’s not just events similar to this that Templant are looking to work with though. Coming back to that theme of a strong local community; it’s important to the company that they work with smaller, independent clients in the area too. This part of Essex is extraordinarily diverse, with a large number of great events being held all year.

A local team

The majority of Templant’s staff are local to the area, meaning that transport costs can be kept to a minimum. This also means that they’ll be around to help clients whenever they need them, and will be able to reach them quickly. Living and working in the area means that they’ve got a good amount of local knowledge too. This coupled with a real passion and enthusiasm for what’s going on in the area show that they’re a company with a big heart as well as serious business credentials.

Here’s to 2016!

Moving home is never easy, but Templant are confident that there’s never been a better time than right now for them to do it. Chelmsford, as one of the country’s newest cities, is one of the most vibrant and exciting places to work and live in Essex. Templant’s move is sure to be a success; both for them and the new clients that they will bring on board.

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