Why You Should Consider a Hybrid Generator For Your Next Project

Hybrid generators are becoming increasingly popular with customers looking to hire a more sustainable power source.

What is a Hybrid Generator?

A hybrid generator is designed to run alongside a main, diesel powered generator. It works by switching from the diesel generator to the power from the internally stored energy, either when the sensors detect that the power load is low or at a pre-set time.

How Does a Hybrid Generator Work?

A hybrid generator works by utilising excess power to charge its batteries whilst the main generator is supplying the main loads. The surplus energy that is produced during this time is stored in the battery bank. When required, the main generator switches off and the hybrid kicks in, pulling energy from the charged internal batteries.

By working together these two systems ensure that the load is quickly transferred back to the main generator if a high demand is detected – providing a great alternative to having a diesel generator running all day and possibly at night too.

Benefits of Using a Hybrid Generator

There are many benefits to choosing a hybrid generator but just a few of the most notable ones include;

  • Economical

Hybrid generators reduce the operating hours of the main diesel generator. This leads to a big reduction in costs for both fuel and maintenance and the savings that are made often far outweigh the additional equipment costs.

  • Ecological

Hybrid generators can help to reduce on-site emissions by as much as 70% by decreasing Co2 and NOx emissions, creating a significantly lower carbon footprint which is better for the environment.

  • Noise

They can provide a silent power solution ideal for night time or use in sensitive areas such as hospitals and schools. If silence at certain times is critical they can be programmed in advance to ensure they do not disturb during that time frame.

Some additional benefits of hybrid generators include;

  • Deliver an uninterrupted power supply
  • Decrease runtime of diesel generators
  • Reduce the need for diesel generator maintenance
  • Increases flexibility for set ups and site infrastructure
  • Alleviates environmental problems in densely populated areas
  • Can be utilised during temporary servicing of the main generator to avoid continual, uninterrupted power.

Is a Hybrid Generator Right for Your needs?

Hybrid generators are best suited to work alongside diesel generators in settings where there are periods of reduced or lower load requirements to allow for the dual usage between diesel and hybrid generator to be worthwhile and effective.

This is suitable for powering out of hours’ skeleton systems for things such as security and CCTV systems, perimeter lighting and site cabins as well as smaller appliances like telecom systems and pumps with low load requirements.

If your needs fit into the following criteria, then hybrid generator hire could be for you;

  • Low noise levels are required during the night or certain times of the day
  • There is a need for constant power 24-7 in order to preserve critical business systems
  • Certain periods of day or night have low load requirements
  • You have sustainability objectives that require a reduction in fuel consumption and Co2

If you would like to find out more about hybrid generator hire and how it could benefit your business, then speak to a professional company such as Templant Group who will be able to provide you with specialist advice and recommend the power solution best suited to your project requirements.

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