Why We Value Health and Safety So Much

Templant’s drivers update their health and safety training with a series of courses run by Allmi.

It’s important to us that our workers are always up to date on the latest health and safety regulations. So what better time to refresh that knowledge than now, at the start of a new year? Attending a course is the best way to not only learn something new, but to build on your existing knowledge. So that’s exactly what our drivers did!

Why It’s Important

Within the power industry, health and safety is extremely important – and rules need to be followed to the letter. Things are no different at Templant, and we feel passionately about always equipping our workers with up to date legislation and resources. This is to ensure that they are working in a safe environment, and keeping both themselves and others safe.

Choosing the Courses

In keeping with these views, we sent five of our drivers on three Allmi courses to broaden their knowledge regarding all things health and safety.

Lorry Loader

First up was learning all about how to safely operate a lorry loader. Allmi came to us for this one day course, teaching our drivers in our own depot. Some of the topics covered during the day were planning, use, supervision and maintenance. As well as that, we learnt about the cost, both emotional and financial, that accidents can have on a workforce – which is why we need to work as hard as possible to prevent them.

Working at Height

Next was the course that covered working at height. We got away from the office for a day for this one; heading to a local training centre in Rochford. Here we were again in the company of Allmi’s brilliant instructors, and they took us through everything we needed to know about safely working at a great height. The rules and regulations in the industry are always changing, and our drivers found that although the course mainly refreshed their existing knowledge, there were things that they didn’t know before undertaking the course.

Harness Safety

Last but not least was the harness safety training course. Led by Allmi at the Rochford training centre, it was undertaken over the course of a day – again, like the first two. Allmi have received HSE’s “Working in Partnership” commendation, as well as being recognised by the UKCG and is included in its list of “Accepted Record Schemes”. So needless to say, we were in safe hands! The course covered everything from the correction preparation before using a harness; to how to use these correctly when offloading a lorry.

Excellence in Health and Safety

After working hard during these courses, our five drivers left with renewed confidence in their abilities as well as new Health and Safety certificates.

In an industry that’s constantly changing and evolving, it’s important to be as informed and knowledgeable as possible. After all, high standards in health and safety is vital for a company such as Templant to maintain its reputation.

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