Why Our Generators Are Now Fitted With Diesel Particular Filters

Templant are proud to announce that they can now offer generators fitted with Diesel Particular Filters (DPF). This has come as a result of working with a client on the Cross Rail project. To be compliant with all the emission standards outlined by Cross Rail, it was mandatory that DPF were fitted on all diesel engine machines.

Another requirement put to all contractors working in relation to Cross Rail and similar contracts, is that all plant containing lifting points, such as generators, fuel tanks and Mains Distribution, must have a thorough lifting examination and report carried out.

DPF 1About the Filters

The DPFs that we are utilising are ‘ecotrap’ filters from Green Urban, which use a Silicon Carbide or Cordierite “wall flow” filter. Exhaust gases are forced through a porous wall and out of the adjacent cell, while all soot particles, that cannot travel through the filter, are retained within the cells.

This innovative system reduces CO, HC and PM by 90-95% passively. When retrofitted to a Euro I, II, or III diesel engine, the ecotrap system will reduce all legislated particulate emissions beyond Euro 4 / 111b levels.

The Project

The UK’s largest concrete pumping company approached Templant to design a complete turnkey power package enabling them to carry out a 1500 meter concrete pump into one of the tunnels lasting for a six month period. The main requirement from the client was there could be no break in power and that the generators must be fitted with DPF’s.  If the power was lost the job would be catastrophic as the flow of concrete would seize up and become redundant.

Templant discussed options with their client and come up with the power package which consisted of two 300 kva generators complete with Automatic Change Over panel and a Mains Distribution panel to suit customer’s supplies on site.  Fuel management was to be monitored via digital readings to ensure affective re-fuelling.

Templant are constantly listening to client’s feedback and requirements, especially in relation to emissions and current environmental issues. By fitting Diesel Particular Filters, Templant are reaching these clients needs and constantly expanding their product base.

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