What You Need To Power A Fireworks Display

There’s More to a Fireworks Display than Fireworks

Every year, fireworks displays get bigger and better. Make sure yours has the necessary infrastructure in place to make things go with a bang.

Remember, remember the fifth of November. Yes, it is that time of year again, and it seems that these days, every town is trying to outdo its neighbour in organising the loudest, brightest, busiest and most spectacular fireworks display of them all.

While the fireworks themselves get more sophisticated with every passing year, the overall experience of a display is also increasingly complex. Those of us who take our kids or grandkids to a display these days can’t help but notice that it is a far cry from the amateur affair centred around a bonfire on the village green that we remember from our own childhoods!

More than just a firework display

A modern display demands lighting, sound systems and lots more. Towns and cities across the country count the Guy Fawkes Night celebrations among the biggest events of the year, and we are proud to be the generator hire company that keeps the juice flowing at some of the very best ones. Let’s take a look at a couple of examples.

Southend fireworks

The amazing displays at Southend are the stuff that legends are made of, and cause oohs and aahs on both sides of the Thames Estuary. This year’s event provides a case in point to what we were saying earlier – as if the fireworks themselves were not enough to keep everyone spellbound, this year they will be accompanied by some top notch musical entertainment, too.

Ampthill Fireworks

Moving inland to Bedfordshire, Ampthill is another display that has a long history of outdoing itself, and practically everyone else, year after year. The bill for the 2017 spectacular reads more like a fully fledged festival than a fireworks display, with the pre-show starting at 6:45 and the fireworks themselves beginning at 8PM.

Throughout the evening, there will be all sorts of other entertainment on offer, including live music, freshly cooked food and even fairground rides. On top of the lighting and safety equipment, the power requirements will be significant, but we will have everything covered.

A penny for the guy

Traditions come and go. These days, you are unlikely to see kids begging for “a penny for the guy” – which is probably just as well, as in the 21st century, it would probably cost us a pound at least. Indeed, the tradition of making and then burning an effigy of the world’s most famous terrorist seems to be in decline, as the religious and political origins of bonfire night give way to a more general celebration of enjoying fireworks for their own sake.

Perhaps that is for the best – after all, one person’s terrorist is another’s freedom fighter. There’s a thought to conjure with as you light your sparkler at this year’s event. Stay safe, and enjoy fireworks night, wherever you choose to spend it!

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