What Kind of HIAB Crane Do You Need For Your Next Project?

A Guide To Determining Your HIAB Capacity Requirements

Before you book HIAB haulage services, consider the capacity of truck you need to meet your handling requirements.

HIAB cranes are a versatile solution for your transportation needs. Not only do they offer the capability of transporting large volumes of goods from one site to another, but they also provide the crane functionality to offload them at the other end. HIAB cranes are space-efficient in comparison to other cranes, which makes them useful when operating within smaller sites. If you require transportation and load handling solutions for your next project, then our HIAB loaders are ready at your disposal. But with a wide range of assisted haulage HIAB options to choose from – which is the right one for your needs?

What Type of Loads Are You Handling?

When determining which capacity HIAB truck you’ll need access to, consider the weight and volume of goods that it will be moving. Our fleet includes 10 HIAB trucks ranging from 25-ton metre through to 85-ton metre cranes. They’re suitable for use across a variety of industries including construction, agriculture and freight transport. If you’re unsure about the weight of goods you need to move, our team will be happy to assess your requirements and recommend an appropriate HIAB lorry hire solution for you.

How Far Do Your Goods Need To Be Moved?

Choosing the capacity of crane required from our fleet will also be based around the distance you’re working at. The laws of physics dictate that the further away you need the goods lifted from the truck, the larger the crane you’ll need to handle the associated weight. There are different crane booms available depending on whether you want to handle heavy loads near your truck, or even if you wish to fold the boom up into a compact space between lifts.

How Will You Operate Your Crane?

Versatility is one of the main benefits of HIAB assisted haulage. There are two options available for operating your HIAB vehicle. You can either choose to control your crane manually, which is a cost-effective solution that companies will find suitable for the majority of projects. Alternatively, you can opt for a more advanced remote control solution. This allows you to operate the crane either from a secure distance, or else up close. The advanced technology behind HIAB ensures that your crane will accomplish extremely precise movements. The sophisticated control functions mean that time, energy and fuel can all be saved during crane operations.

What Does Your Risk Assessment Say?

Before choosing or operating a HIAB vehicle, you should carry out a detailed risk assessment to keep your employees safe. This is a requirement of the Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998 (LOLER), set out by the Health and Safety Executive. Templant are experts in carrying out project management and risk assessments of your HIAB operations. This will ensure that not only will you have the correct HIAB crane for your needs, but you can also be assured of the security of your site personnel and property.

If you would like to book our HIAB haulages or have any questions about our fleet, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team. We’re available on 0844 561 6344 or transport@templant.co.uk

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