Welcoming Our New HGV Electrical Apprentices

Helping The Next Generation To Hone Their Skills

Templant have two new additions to their team this year, and they’re showing just how beneficial apprenticeships can be.

As one of the most innovative and forward-thinking power hire companies in Essex, Templant always have their eyes very firmly fixed on the future. That’s why recently, we have welcomed two new apprentices to the workforce. One of them is studying to become a HGV technician, while the other is just starting his training to become an electrician. Working at Templant allows them to gain lots of experience, and see how their skills can be applied to lots of different projects. As one of the most popular temporary power supply providers in the area, every day will have something new to offer.

HGV apprenticeship

Let’s take a look at what our apprentice HGV technician is going to be learning with us here. One of the first things that they’ll be getting to grips with is general good housekeeping and health and safety in the automotive environment. As their knowledge and experience grows, we’ll move on to routine maintenance of a HGV. They’ll then learn all about the units and components of fuel, ignition, air and exhaust systems. Safe removal of those units and components is on the agenda too. In short, it’s everything that they’re going to need to make a success of their future career, and we’re on hand to answer any questions they have and share our years of experience with them.

Electrical apprenticeship

Our electrical apprentice is reaping the rewards of their apprenticeship too. They’re going to be learning a huge amount in a short space of time, thanks to their great curriculum and all the resources we have at our disposal here. Like their colleague studying to become a HGV technician, they’ll also be fully briefed in health and safety practices. They’ll then move on to maintenance of our electrical and electronic installations, which are essential for day to day operations. They’ll also learn how to thoroughly check the equipment and decide when it’s time to carry out repairs. We’re always there to supervise them, but we do encourage them to play an active part in jobs and make decisions themselves too.

A new way of learning

The great thing about apprenticeships is that while someone does attend college once or twice a week, most of their time is spent in a genuine working environment. This means that they’ll quickly be able to get used to the typical challenges that a working day brings. After all, with the wide variety of projects that we take on, no day is the same here at Templant. Getting a diverse range of experiences early on in their careers is going to make our apprentices confident and capable, and not afraid to make decisions by themselves.

Essential members of the Templant team

The scheme doesn’t just benefit our young apprentices though. Driving HGVs and operating and maintaining electrical equipment and networks are vital to Templant’s generator hire and HIAB hire services. Our apprentices aren’t just students, they’re valued members of our team, and they’re carrying out work that is helping the company constantly move forwards and deliver the best possible results. Seeing them learn and grow, both as professionals and people, is a really rewarding process. We’re glad that they chose to kick start their careers here with us!

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