The Ultimate Guide To Heavy Haulage

Could It Be Right For Your Business?

We are one of the leading providers of heavy haulage services in the UK, and can tailor those services to suit a variety of needs.

Could our heavy haulage services be right for your business? We are the specialists in heavy haulage UK clients recommend, and we work with customers in a wide range of industries. Here’s everything you need to know about heavy haulage, and why it could be the best option for transporting your goods.

Which industries is heavy haulage suitable for?

First things first, which industries is heavy haulage most suitable for? It’s most popular with clients in the agriculture and construction industries. Also, it’s a great option for those in any sector who simply wish to transport their haul in one big move. This will save them the cost, effort, and potential delays in hiring multiple smaller lorries to deliver the haul in separate journeys. We work with clients in a wide range of sectors, and can expertly tailor our services to meet the unique needs of each one.

The advantages

There are a number of advantages to heavy haulage. First of all, you won’t need to do any of the hard work yourself, as a trained professional will load and unload heavy items with ease – saving you plenty of time! Goods can be collected from anywhere too, making transporting goods from A to B that much easier. If your goods are loaded onto pallets, then a heavy haulage vehicle is especially useful. HIAB lorries are also equipped to load and unload in awkward, tight, and otherwise inaccessible spaces.

Our fleet

A hydraulic loading crane on the back of a truck is the ideal option for heavier goods and loading/unloading in hard to reach places. We offer different types and capacities, with the option of total customisation based on your unique requirements. Our experienced team members know how to safely operate them too, so your goods will be in safe hands. We have our own fleet of vehicles at our disposal, so we will be able to get the ball rolling as quickly as possible when you get in touch with us.

Rules and regulations

There are a number of different rules and regulations surrounding heavy haulage, and you can be sure that we work in full accordance with all of them. When a load is more than (78 tonnes), the Highway and Bridge Authorities will need to be notified at least 2 days before transport. For haulage of over 147 tonnes, you’ll need to give 5 days notice as well as letting the police know. Whether it’s the training that our members of staff have undergone or the vehicles that we use, you can be sure that we have never cut any comers when it comes to current UK laws.

We’re here to help

Whatever you are transporting and wherever you need to transport it to, you can be sure that we are here to help. We have years of experience when it comes to heavy haulage, and we will be able to ensure that your goods reach their destination in good time and in perfect condition. If you have any questions about us and the service we are able to offer our clients, please do get in touch today.

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