The Types Of Generators Used For Major Renovations

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One of the biggest dilemmas during a major project is maintaining essential power supplies. A generator could be the perfect solution.

If you are undertaking major repair or renovation works in your home, there is little doubt that you will be using a variety of power tools and equipment, such as drills, saws, sanders and numerous other devices.

Whether you are doing the work yourself or enlisting the services of professional builders, you will also be wanting to keep the tea and coffee flowing – and if you are living in your home while the work is undertaken, there is the additional question of keeping the power running to your fridge and freezer, not to mention lights and other household appliances and gadgets that you need from day to day.

Most work requires the electrical supply to be disconnected for at least some of the time, and for major works that incorporate a full rewire, you might be without power for days or even longer. This is where London emergency generator hire can provide an ideal solution to keep the power running, the drills working and the cups of tea flowing throughout the project.

Types of generator

Generators come in a variety of shapes and sizes. For domestic applications, a 13 kVA (11kW) generator will usually be sufficient, although if you are likely to have particularly heavy power demands, you might consider choosing the next size up. Contact your local supplier to discuss your exact requirements and find the right generator for your specific circumstances.

These generators are powered by diesel, and typically have a fuel capacity of around 50 litres. Exactly how long this last depends on how hard the generator is having to work, but at 75 percent load, reckon on fuel consumption in the order of 3.6 litres per hour for a 13kVA generator.

A long term investment?

While having a generator on hand during your building works is little short of an essential, many people find that it makes sense to keep the generator right where it is, even after the works are complete and the builders have left for good.

Every year, we seem to experience storms and weather conditions that are increasingly extreme, and power outages that can go on for hours or even days are becoming a common part of life in many parts of the country.

Having a backup power supply on site is seen as a sensible precaution by a growing number of households. And by choosing a long-term rental contract, you can rest assured that your generator will be regularly serviced and maintained so that it is there when you need it most.

Well worth considering to ensure you and your family are kept safe, warm and comfortable in these uncertain times.

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