How Templant Respond In An Emergency Power Outage



There is nothing worse than suffering an unexpected power outage and predictions of increasingly severe weather in the UK means that power cuts may become more common. If you are running a business, school or public service, restoring power quickly is vital. Homeowners often suffer the most during major power outages, but this does not have to be the case. Templant provide emergency power generators to plug the gap while your power supplier is carryout out their repairs.

Power Cut Advice

Our telephone lines are open 24/7 and always manned by knowledgeable Templant staff who will be able to quickly assess your problem and propose the best generator to hire. We do not use automated switchboards or call centres to answer the phone, so you will always get through to somebody who can help in an emergency.

When you call we will advise what type of power generator equipment best suits your needs. We can also give you an accurate lead time on the delivery of the generator. We are located in central Essex with good links to London and Herts, so can usually deliver emergency power within a few hours.

The Next Step

After you have ordered an emergency power generator our call handler will contact one of our drivers and a generator engineer. If needed, an electrician will also be called. Our engineers are on call 24 hours a day and positioned around Essex to allow them to attend an emergency in quick time.

Confirmation emails are sent to all parties enabling them to be able prepare and test equipment before it is loaded onto to a truck for delivery.

Temporary Power

Usually for an out-of-hours emergency we supply generator engineers and electricians to install the temporary power set up to get electricity up and running quickly.

Upon arrival to site, our driver will liaise with you regarding where the equipment should be placed. Using the hiab crane, generators can easily be positioned almost anywhere.

The generator engineers and electricians will then install and connect everything needed to get the power working. Usually this involves positioning electrical cables, Mains distribution panels and equipment, such as fencing and matting, to make the site safe and secure.

For longer term power cuts we can supply larger, more efficient generators, but generally for short-term power outages our emergency generators do the job.

Our generators are supplied with a full fuel tank which should provide enough diesel fuel for a short power cut. You can refill this yourself, but if you prefer, we provide a fuel management service. We can discuss with you your needs and will plan ahead for fuel deliveries to be made to ensure no disruption to power.

If you are experiencing an unexpected power cut, or have been informed of a planned outage, contact Templant now on 0844 561 6344.

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