Templant Move Into New HQ

Having moved in at the end of 2015, Templant’s new depot upgrades are finally complete, with 450meters of 4m high prison mesh security fencing installed, 19 HD cameras with offsite 24/7 monitoring, 16 infrared night beams, emergency standby generator, UPS system, 25,000 sq feet of warehouse floor painted and all safety precautions and signage erected.

Making the depot secure was the first priority when moving in, as potential theft was a major issue due to the goods being stored being highly targeted among thieves.

These upgrades have made the new depot a practical and resourceful base for Templant, where they have vast storage and yard space for growth and expansion.  Being based out of this stand alone depot, has made the day to day operational duties, such as moving plant, servicing and repairs, stock checks and vehicle maintenance a lot more efficient and in a much more time efficient manner.


Templant are excited for the New Year ahead and know that this relocation will play a major part in the next step towards the growth of Templant.

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