Standby Generators Catering To Internal and External Environments

Having an emergency back-up generator to hand is a must in many situations. Whether you run a small shop or are planning an outdoor event catering for hundreds or even thousands of visitors, if there is a power outage you will need to have a back-up solution ready in order to keep things running as smoothly as possible.

Homes can now purchase a standby generator which can be installed to run on your own property’s natural gas line. This will ensure your most important electrical items such as your fridge, freezer, water heaters or electrical cooking stoves can all continue to be operated during a power outage. However, you must remember to never run a gas generator inside the home. Generators produce poisonous carbon monoxide fumes and must always be situated outside of the property. A well-ventilated garage is a great location as this will keep the noise to a minimum, whilst also protecting the equipment from any wet weather.

Emergency power systems and generators can also be installed for situations which require standby life-saving power. For example, fire protection systems, emergency lighting or hospital operating and life-maintaining equipment such as ventilators. These are high end, highly effective and reliable systems to ensure an uninterrupted flow of electricity to an entire facility, particularly during responses to natural disasters.

However, for a more daily operation if you are planning an upcoming event, maybe an outdoor sports event, a wedding, an outdoor performance or a hospitality event and are considering the use of a generator, then you will need further professional advice. This can be gained from Templant Generator Hire to help you plan the power logistics for your event.

Even though you don’t need to be a qualified engineer and understand the internal workings to physically use a generator, you should at least gain some basic knowledge which will help you to get to grips with both the benefits and dangers. Of course, it goes without saying that ensuring the safe installation and use of the generator at all times should be a top priority. You should always have a professional company install your generator and the installation and use of these should always be included in your event health and safety plan. This will ensure you communicate the dangers and how to handle them correctly to any relevant event staff. Remember that even though generators are built for safe usage, it is still a piece of heavy equipment that is fed with flammable substances. As a basic rule, remember to always keep the generator away from rain water and ensure the fuel is stored safely, preferably in a locked container.

Your generator hire company will advise you on the best generator for your event needs and location. Whether you’ll require a static or towable generator can be discussed and they will suggest any items you may need, for example additional cable or lighting towers. Your supplier will also ensure any equipment complies with all the latest EU safety regulations and will have the set up and take down of your equipment carried out by fully qualified electricians. If you’re running an event, your supplier will usually be on hand, and contactable immediately should any problems occur.

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