Preparing Your Workplace For A Post-Covid Workforce

What Adjustments Will You Make To Your Business?

If you have been impacted by the pandemic, business leaders and HR teams can prep for a new kind of business normal.  

As the world adjusts to the ‘new normal’ and businesses are opening once again, employers and employees alike will be wondering what the post Covid workplace should look like. With preparations for a potential second wave, as well as accommodating remote working teams, there are multiple ways in which the pandemic has affected UK businesses. The best thing employers can do is to conduct regular risk assessments and put control measures in place to plan for the worst. Here are some considerations that should be top of the list.

Power Loss

Templant is pleased to present our generators London range, allowing businesses throughout the capital, Essex and the rest of the country to benefit from temporary power rental when the need arises. Some businesses will have needed to move premises during the pandemic, whilst others may need to set up second sites to deal with demand. Generator power ensures that you are always fully equipped to handle the needs of your business, whether needed in an emergency, as a disaster recovery solution or simply to allow you to grow.

Managing Staff

Charity Anxiety UK reports that as many as 67% of people are concerned about coming out of lockdown and returning to the workplace People have become accustomed to avoiding public places and have enjoyed spending time in the safe confines of their home. The idea of using public transport, going on shopping trips or attending social gatherings is said to be worrying for 55% of those surveyed. Employers can help to alleviate these concerns by providing clear communication with their teams and taking the time to listen to feedback about how things are going.

Social Distancing

The government has provided extensive advice for businesses who are reopening following lockdown. These centre around five main action points beginning with a risk assessment of your company in line with HSE guidance. The results of this guidance must be published on your company website if you employ more than fifty people. Employers should also develop enhanced workplace hygiene procedures including regular deep cleans and providing hand sanitiser. Markers should be placed around the premises to remind people to keep at least 2 metres apart where possible and to manage the transmission risk where this distance is not possible. Screens, barriers and PPE equipment will help to keep people apart, whilst using staggered start times will also help to minimise any bottlenecks in entrance areas.

Remote Working

If remote working has been working well for you, then now might be the time to make it more of a permanent fixture, even if you also plan to keep your physical workplace too. Hybrid working, where workers will have the flexibility to carry out their work from either home or the office is likely to become more popular. However, companies will need to adapt their policies and technology to ensure that they’re fully able to accommodate these changes.

With Sir Patrick Vallance, chief scientific advisor to the government, still anticipating a second wave of Covid during the winter season, now is the time to prepare your workplace to ride any storm that hits in the coming months. Templant can assist with your power rental needs – get in touch with us for a FREE quote.

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