How To Successfully Power An Air Show

Planning An Air Event From The Ground Up To The Skies

From safety to hospitality, air shows have a lot going on behind the scenes to create an event that is as inspiring as it is entertaining.

Air shows are extremely popular in the UK and are the second most attended outdoor event after football matches according to the Civil Aviation Authority. In fact, 1 in 10 Brits goes to a show each year to see displays from teams such as the Red Arrows or the Blades. Air shows are both entertaining and inspiring, but they need to be well organised to be successful. With between 10,000 to half a million attendees at such events, it’s essential that air shows are planned to perfection.

What Happens On The Ground

When we think about air displays, naturally our thoughts go to the stunts and tricks that captivate us from the skies. But actually, half the fun of attending an air show is down to how well catered the event is on the ground. Events such as Farnborough Airshow, held in July every two years, and undoubtedly the most prestigious of its kind in the UK, invest a great deal in providing excellent hospitality both for public ticket-holders, as well as those visiting during their trade week. Impeccable food and drink is on offer in the hospitality tent and we’re proud to have been the generator hire company to power the air conditioning, ensuring that everyone stayed comfortable during the summer heatwave.

Inspiring STEM Exhibits

Air shows are a fantastic opportunity to inspire the next generation of pilots. Interactive STEM exhibits and live science experiments enable youngsters to get hands-on with flying. They even have the chance to meet crews and notable members of the aviation industry. As well as learning about the innovations in engineering that will propel our designs even further forward, these exhibitions are also a way to connect with the history of aviation – understanding the role of aircraft in our armed forces and how they protected our nation in the World Wars.

Air Show Safety

Of course, following the devasting accident at the Shoreham Air Show in 2015, where 11 members of the public lost their lives, the safety of air shows has been under much scrutiny. The CAA has overhauled their safety initiatives following a series of consultancies. Their new regulations ensure that the experience is safer for all members of the public as well as those working at an air show event. The list of improved safety measures includes additional examinations of the maintenance of aircraft, an understanding of the impact of human factors in terms of display safety, as well as changes to the systems that authorise pilots to fly in air shows.

Looking To The Skies

Finally, a successful air show wouldn’t be much fun without a phenomenal sky display which is the centrepiece for visitors. Whether you’re witnessing an air race, or you’re listening to the fantastic sound of a roaring spitfire engine overhead, the display will be an unforgettable experience for all spectators, young and old.

The UK is lucky enough to host a large number of air events each year – check out this calendar to find an air show near you, but book in advance to avoid disappointment!

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