How To Successfully Power A Christmas Market

Christmas Markets Boost Community Spirit and the Local Economy

Will you be visiting a Christmas Market this year? If not, consider adding it as one of your family’s festive traditions.

It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas, a time steeped in routine and tradition. In our homes the annual debate as to when is the appropriate time to put up the decorations has already been won and lost, while the shops are gearing up for the mid-December surge of shoppers.

In addition, you will see towns and cities up and down the country setting up their Christmas markets. In some places, these are semi-permanent affairs that appeared overnight in November and will be part of the landscape till January, while in others, they are one-off events taking place over a weekend in the run up to the big day. Big or small, Templant will be on hand with generator hire services to keep the power running. If you’re not in the habit of attending your local Christmas market, why not make an exception and find time to do so this year?

European Inspiration

Ironically enough, given what is happening in the political world, the UK owes its fascination with Christmas markets to its European neighbours. Christmas is by far the most important holiday in continental Europe, just as much as it is here. In countries like Germany and Austria in particular, the quaint and old-fashioned open-air markets are a cherished part of the Christmas tradition.

This is the inspiration behind the Bavarian-style log huts that are becoming so popular in UK Christmas markets, where stalls do more than sell the obligatory hand made food and handicrafts. You will also find vendors selling delicious hot mulled wine, or grottos in which wide eyed children (and often their equally wide-eyed parents) can visit Santa and his elves.

The Spirit of Christmas

Much is made of the spirit of Christmas, but its ever-growing commercialisation can make it a real challenge to maintain. How many of us see Christmas as a project to be completed, with specific tasks? The phenomenon of Black Friday and Cyber Monday mean we can end up doing all our preparation without stepping outside the front door, ordering the gifts, the goodies, even the Christmas turkey online and waiting for it all to appear in the back of a van.

Christmas is a time for coming together as a community. Surely that means spending time with our neighbours and supporting our local businesses. A Christmas market is the perfect environment in which to do both of these things.

At Templant we are proud to be involved in keeping the power flowing at Christmas markets across the country so that the fairy lights remain illuminated, the Christmas music keeps playing and the mulled wine carries on flowing. As Andy Williams told us, it is indeed the most wonderful time of the year, so get out there and enjoy it at your local Christmas market. Have a wonderful Christmas and a peaceful and successful 2019.

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