How To Put An End To Unreliable Power Systems

If you’re having endless problems with your electricity supply, this can be at the very least a daily or weekly headache and annoyance. More worryingly, if you’re trying to run a business, this can quickly escalate with excessive costs and a slowdown in productivity. With regular down time and the call-out costs associated with emergency electricians, this can start to leave a hole in your bottom-line profit and a negative impact on your own and your employee’s time.

Obviously, your electricity supplier will need to get to the root cause of your problems and rectify this as quickly as they can, hopefully you’ll also be provided with some compensation along the way. But in the interim you really need a solution that will help you deal with the power outages quickly. This will lessen the imminent need for a call out and will also help ensure production does not have to cease until the power is re-connected, and productivity is restored. There are emergency back-up power options available that can quickly manage electricity supplies during these power outages. Generators are the main choice, with many companies offering various sizes and power ratings to give you the best option and price for your individual needs.

By having a generator in situ on your premises you will be instantly ready to continue with your work and activities when a power outage occurs. With some large fixed systems being able to automatically switch over to back up power. However, these are usually located in sizable premises such hospitals or large commercial operations.

If you’re in smaller premises, then you will need to consider what adequate size of generator will fit your requirements. Generators are categorised according to their output i.e. the number of watts of electrical power they deliver. A small generator will deliver 3,000 to 4,000 watts, which for example is enough to supply a medium-sized refrigerator, a handful of smaller appliances and some lights. This may be enough if you have a small office to run with just some screens, office equipment and a handful of employees. Alternatively, you will need to increase the wattage to maybe 5,000 to 6,000 watts. However, anything that will deliver over 7,000 to 10,000 watts will enable you to run a small to medium sized office business comfortably, all depending on individual requirements. If you need emergency back-up power for a larger enterprise, then consulting a supplier for their advice is recommended.

Once you have purchased your generator, it is important to keep this well maintained. Depending on your employee’s skills and competencies, you may be able to carry out the servicing safely and effectively yourself. This would include activities such as cleaning or changing the spark plugs, maintaining a sufficient amount of oil etc. However, if you’re not comfortable or competent to do this then you can purchase a maintenance contract from your supplier. This will ensure your generator is regularly maintained by a qualified member of the team helping you to stay in power, all the time.

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