How Temporary Refrigeration Can Benefit Your Business

Keep Your Cool in the Summer Heat

The heatwave has been welcomed by many, but can present problems. Temporary refrigeration provides the solution.

Complaining about the weather is part of being British, and even the recent summer heatwave can present us with problems. This is particularly the case if you are living or working in a space where heat can build up to an excessive level.

For example, in a warehouse environment, the temperatures can quickly reach levels that are not just uncomfortable – they can constitute a genuine risk to health, and expecting people to work in such an environment could result in a breach of the applicable Health and Safety legislation. There is also the potential damage that can be caused to whatever you might have in storage.

In some cases, simply plugging in a fan or portable air conditioning unit can help, but what do you do if you are operating in an area without mains electricity? Thankfully, there is a simple cooling solution, in the shape of generator hire to power a portable refrigeration unit.

Portable Refrigeration

The problem is that buildings such as warehouses typically span a huge area, meaning conventional air conditioning becomes impractical and prohibitively expensive.

The solution is cooling the specific zones or areas that matter, using an evaporative cooler. This can quickly and effectively reduce the air temperature, keeping people and perishables cool and comfortable.

Other uses

Used in combination with a generator, the whole setup can easily be moved from one area to another. This makes it ideal in a number of outdoor working environments, such as on construction sites or for agricultural operations in barns and silos.

Many farmers and market gardeners also find portable refrigeration to be extremely useful in their greenhouses. There can be occasions at this time of year when the temperature can become just too much, both for the crops and the people trying to tend them, so cooling to a optimum temperature can help harvests workers alike.

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