Hiring or Buying A Diesel Generator? Here’s Our Top Tips

Is Ownership Really Cost-Effective In The Long-Run?

Take a look at why hiring a generator makes more sense than committing to a purchase – consider maintenance, upgrades and emergency support.

If you have a project or event coming up that requires the use of a diesel generator, then one of the first considerations in the planning stages is whether you should choose to hire or buy. Perhaps you require a generator for a marquee or a bouncy castle? Alternatively, you might need one to service a data centre or power hospital equipment. There are pros and cons to each scenario, so you’ll need to carefully assess how to source your diesel generator based on the unique details of the project. Here are some points to consider.

Modern Equipment

When you hire a generator, you can be assured that you’ll be receiving one of the most innovative products on the market. Whilst purchasing a generator may make sense if you have an ongoing need for it, you’ll need to bear in mind that like any piece of machinery, you’ll need to service and update it regularly to ensure optimal efficiency. Therefore, if you take a long-term view of your generator purchase, you might discover that paying out for a new model every few years may not be the most cost-effective approach for your organisation.

Maintenance Costs

Similarly, ownership comes with great responsibility in terms of maintenance. You’ll need to regularly clean and test your generator to get the most out of it, whilst keeping on top of the natural wear and tear as well as identifying any defective parts that need repairing. If you choose to hire a generator, then there will be zero maintenance costs. Instead, you can be assured that each piece of equipment is serviced and inspected after each individual hire, which is likely more frequent than generator owners would commit to. Repairing your own generator can become expensive, particularly if you don’t have the necessary expertise. However, if you use a generator hire company, then you can take advantage of their inhouse PAT electrical testing and maintenance, leaving you to concentrate on your project rather than worrying about what’s going on behind the scenes.

When Disaster Strikes

In the rare event that you require extra power at short notice, it’s likely that you’re in a high-pressure situation, perhaps because an older generator model or another power supply has failed. Whether it’s to power key services for your organisation or as a supply for an entertainments event, needing quick access to a generator is a serious issue.

If you own your generator, then you’ll need repair staff on-hand around the clock to sort out and replace the equipment immediately. It might be impossible or at best, incredibly expensive to have professionals accredited with the necessary ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 qualifications on standby for you. But if you’re hiring a generator, then you’ll have access to the rental company’s support crew 24/7, who will be able to respond swiftly to your emergency.

Although purchasing a generator may appear to have cost-saving benefits, the reality is that the ongoing maintenance and support that is needed should really only be left to professionals, which is why generator hire is actually not only cost-effective, but also the far safer option for your next project.

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