HIAB Truck Hire Solutions for Your Load Handling Requirements

Here in the UK, a HIAB truck (pronounced high-ab) is the name commonly used when referring to a lorry mounted crane or lorry loader. However, HIAB is actually the brand name of a Swedish company that manufactures loader cranes, forestry cranes, demountable container handlers, tail lifts and truck mounted forklifts.

These types of vehicles are a robust combination of a truck and crane that provide an efficient transport solution for those needing to move, lift or transport heavy loads.

What can a HIAB truck be used for?

These powerful vehicles are used across a wide range of industries for a number of different tasks such as;

  • Construction

Building sites of all sizes utilise HIAB trucks to move equipment, supplies, machinery, packs of bricks, roof slating and more.

  • Agricultural and Landscaping

Whether it’s farming or landscaping projects, these trucks are able to move, remove or deliver large loads of soil, heavy materials, machinery and equipment.

  • Freight and Cargo Transport

International goods in shipping containers can be moved using HIAB trucks which load them from the ground onto trucks and then from there onto the ships and the same in reverse when unloading.

What are the benefits of HIAB truck hire?

  • They can deliver goods to sites as well as lift them on and off of trucks which reduces the need for a separate mobile crane.
  • HIAB trucks can be useful when needing to move goods within a space such as moving containers and other items from one space to another on a building site.
  • They are a multipurpose tool that can be utilised across various industries and sectors from construction and agricultural and freight and retail.
  • A crane truck is a single unit unlike traditional cranes which makes it easier and more practical for use on difficult to access sites.
  • These types of trucks don’t require support pads like conventional cranes need which means that they perform a lot better on soft ground and sandy surfaces.
  • HIAB trucks are adept at manoeuvring heavy and awkward loads into tight or restricted spaces with the crane end capable of up to 180 degrees of rotation.
  • They take up a lot less space than standard cranes and can be moved any time which makes them ideal for urban construction environments.
  • These types of trucks are extremely time and cost effective compared to traditional cranes with no need to prepare the site beforehand, lay foundations, install support pads or build the crane itself. This saves a lot of time that could be better spent working on the project.

Whether you are looking to transport building materials to a construction site, move heavy items that can’t be lifted by hand or dispose of unwanted materials after a project – HIAB truck hire can make light work of any task.

At Templant we offer great value HIAB assisted haulage vehicle hire for our customers throughout Essex, London and the UK. Our experienced team of transportation specialists are happy to answer any questions you may have and advise you on the most appropriate load handling solutions for your requirements.

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