Generators for Small Housing Developments

Deploying electricity generators in smaller housing developments such as for one-off demands, poor power supply conditions or backing up home power generation.

Alternative power supply option tailored to specific requirements

With more house building taking place to meet rising needs, demands for other sources of power apart from direct connection to the national grid are sometimes required. This can be in the form of back up for when unreliable power supplies may be interrupted, or to ‘beef up’ a home’s power facilities to provide power to outside buildings such as home offices or for when outdoor functions such as large parties are being held.

Generators of varying sizes and power outputs are ideal for these situations and can be hired along with full servicing such as onsite maintenance, fuel supplies, connections and cabling.

Circumstances when extra power may be required:

Backing up alternative power sources

More home owners are powering their properties through alternative methods such as solar, biomass, geothermal and, to a lesser extent, wind turbine. These methods may work to a degree but occasionally some back up may be required, especially if it’s for a one-off ‘extra’ demand.

For example, people living in a predominantly solar powered property may be throwing a large party and extra power and maybe water heating is required that the solar supply on its own can’t handle. In these instances, a diesel powered generator could be hired in to meet the extra demand.

Unreliable power supplies

Sometimes the new build of properties runs ahead of the power supply infrastructure in that the existing substations and ancillary services aren’t quite up to providing a 100% regular power supply. It may take the form of a ‘weaker’ supply or occasional outages until such time as more permanent increasing of capability work is undertaken. There’s a good reason why large construction projects use diesel generators.

To bridge this gap, generators can be hired in to provide standby power as and when power supply issues are experienced. Everyone relies heavily on electricity that even a minor blip in supply quality can be highly inconvenient, and with more people working from home domestic office equipment going down can have a severely detrimental effect on their business or other home working activities.

A dependable generator ready to step in could be a key asset for a home worker.

templant container move 3Extra power requirements

Perhaps power is required for further building work on a property such as an extension, loft conversion or even decorating. Lighting and power tools need electricity but running cables into the main house can be both inconvenient and dangerous, so a generator is an ideal solution.

For a larger outdoor function such as a summer garden party, lighting and other electrical requirements could be met more easily by a generator of the right power output being hired specially for the occasion. It’s a better idea than running cables into the house or garage, or relying on battery powered lights for longer periods.

Generators to suit most needs

Modern electricity generators can be hired to suit a variety of uses from powering a few outdoor lights to a full data centre if needs be. They range from lightweight fully portable units to the higher power output and heavier duty types usually delivered on a special lorry and positioned by fork lift.

The generator hire company can recommend and supply the best specification generator relative to the use it’s being put to and provide the associated support services such as connections, cabling and fuel supply.

Longer or shorter term hire

Some people hire generators for perhaps a few days to handle a one-off event like an outdoor function, while others hire them for the longer term as in the cases described above. We can cater for most requirements.

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