Generator Hire: How to Prepare Your Business for Power Outages

Protect Your Business With Our Simple Steps

The simple truth is a power outage can happen to anyone. Prepare adequately though, and it won’t be a disaster for your business.

Worried about what to do if a power outage strikes your business? We’re here to help! As the leading providers of generator hire in Essex, we’re well equipped to help businesses put together a backup power plan. Here are out top tips for preparing for a power outage; and how we can help you to select the most appropriate generator for your needs.

Have an emergency plan

One of the most important things to do is have an emergency plan in place. Then, in the event of a power outage, you and your team will know what to do. Consider things like a meeting point, what to do with customers (if applicable) are on the premises, and what needs to be implemented right away to stop the situation from escalating. By having a clear plan that everyone is aware of, there’s much less cause for panic if you do suffer a power outage.

Hire a generator

Next: hire a generator. Here at Templant, we work with a wide range of businesses. Our base in Essex means that we can reach companies in London and neighbouring counties as well as our own, and we also work with clients on a national level too. Wherever you are, we will be able to supply you with the perfect generator for your needs. Just talk to a member of our team, and they will be able to work with your plans and point you in the direction of the right model for you.

Know how to operate your generator

It’s really important that you know how to safely operate your generator. When you hire a generator from Templant, a member of our team will walk you through everything, giving you the confidence that you need to operate it – even when an unexpected power outage has you feeling the pressure!  They’ll also provide examples of common issues you may encounter, and how to safely and efficiently troubleshoot those.

Have an emergency kit ready

You should always have an emergency kit accessible. What each business owner may choose to include in their kit may vary, but as a general rule there should be a battery powered or wind-up torch and radio, first aid supplies, a high visibility vest for the emergency co-ordinator, hazard warning tape, foil blankets, and a charged power bank so that everyone can keep their devices topped up to call for assistance.

Don’t worry unduly

Last but not least, try not to worry too much about power outages. Part of running a business is accepting that power outages can strike your premises – but what really matters is being prepared! If you and your team know what to do in the event of a power cut, you have a generator hire plan that gives you access to backup power, and you have an emergency kit to tide you over in the meantime, you will be able to weather whatever a power outage can throw at you.

We’re here to help

Want to find out more about our generator hire in Essex? Talk to a member of our team today on 0844 561 6344! We’ll answer any questions that you have, and will be able to deliver a generator to you when you need it.

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