Emergency Temporary Power For Nightingale Hospitals

Emergency Generators For Nightingale Facilities

Critical response units require robust temporary power solutions in place to power essential medical equipment.

NHS Nightingale hospitals have been built across the UK as critical response units to treat patients during the Covid-19 pandemic. Currently, four NHS Nightingale hospitals are already up and running in London, Birmingham, Manchester and Harrogate, with more pop-up medical venues to be launched in Bristol, Washington and Exeter. The creation of these hospitals is quite a feat with the ExCel Exhibition Centre being home to a 4,000 bed Nightingale unit in East London – this was built in just nine days. Of course, the rapid development of these facilities means that temporary power is a necessity to keep operations up and running.

How Do Nightingale Hospitals Rely on Temporary Power?

Generators can assist in providing a robust UPS system to ensure that there is no outage to the medical facility even if the mains power goes out. A loss of power to a Nightingale hospital would be catastrophic, which is why it’s important to assess the current power systems in place. In the case of the ExCel centre, the existing power supply simply wouldn’t have been able to cope with the additional demands placed on it. A generators London team explains that extra temporary power has been supplied to allow the Nightingale hospital to run essential medical equipment such as ventilators and oxygen tanks. They can also be used to power cold rooms which unfortunately may be necessary to be used as temporary hospital mortuaries.

Housing Temporary Generators

Where you choose to place your temporary generators will largely depend on the available space, as well as how many of them you need to deliver power for your pop-up hospital. Our generators are capable of providing power up to 1250kVA at incredibly largescale events. Typically, you can choose between temporary generator units which are road-towable or static. With the mobile units, you simply park up and leave the generator running in place to provide power as required. Alternatively, for longer-term solutions, the other option is to choose a static generator. These larger units can be lowered into place using a fork-truck.

Rapid Deployment

As Nightingale hospitals are being built at rapid speed, you’ll want the reassurance of knowing that you can obtain reliable temporary power solutions quickly. As we use our own transportation fleet, we don’t need to rely on third party haulage to get our generators in place. This is essential in ensuring that we can deploy power to your medical facilities at speed, which is essential during the pandemic.

24/7 Maintenance

Naturally, due to the gravity of powering Nightingale hospitals, there’s no room for errors or downtime. In the rare event that maintenance is required to our temporary generators, our team of engineers can be on standby 24/7. Our express response times guarantee that your medical facilities will have all of their systems working around the clock to deliver care to those who need it the most.

Temporary power solutions are essential in delivering lifesaving facilities such as Nightingale hospitals. If you need to hire emergency temporary power solutions, then get in touch with Templant today.

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