Emergency Backup Power: Preparing Yourself For Power Outages In Stormy Conditions

How Prepared Is Your Organisation To Cope With Severe Weather?

Storms can completely wipe out the power for your business, damaging stock, reputation and relations with customers if you don’t have a back-up power plan in place.

The UK has already experienced three ‘named’ storms this year, with the arrival of Storms Erik, Freya and Gareth. The latter hit the UK on the 12th March with winds reaching 75mph, which knocked the power out of 2,000 homes. The remaining names for future storms have already been released by the Met Office, with Hannah next up to cause chaos. But with emergency back-up power in the form of generator hire services at the ready, the amount of disruption to your business can be kept to an absolute minimum.

The Impact Of No Power

Depending on the nature of your organisation’s power needs, leaving yourself open to the impact of a blackout without an adequate business contingency plan in place can be catastrophic. At best, you’ll need to be prepared for a reduction in profits if you’re not able to open for business during a power-cut or if you lose stock due to inadequate temperature control methods. This may also result in you losing clients to competitors which can seriously affect the reputation of your brand. At worst, if you require power to supply medical equipment for example, then the impact will be far greater.

Advance Preparations

If you keep a close eye on the weather forecast, then you’ll know that the Met Office issues colour-coded warnings to alert us of the severity of certain weather events that are due. If you’re able to plan in advance to put your temporary power solutions in place, then this will give you peace of mind that you’ll still be able to serve your customers, protect your stock and run your operations successfully.

Bear in mind that the more prepared you can be, the quicker your emergency power will be in place. Generator hire services can experience unusually high demand during periods of bad weather. However, in many cases severe weather incidents such as storms can take your business by surprise. In such an emergency scenario, it’s important that you know where to look to supply you with back-up power until the mains is up and running again.

By contacting a generator hire team with engineers on standby 24/7 to offer a rapid response time, you can have emergency back-up power hooked up to your equipment or environment in no time at all.

How Does Temporary Power Work?

Depending on the level of power required, ranging from 13kVA to 1250kVA, and the amount of space available to you to set up the generator, the hire team will hook up the necessary kit for your needs. If the amount of space is limited, then road-towable generators are a fantastic solution; otherwise, a static generator may be more appropriate if you have the capacity for it.

The weather may seem relatively stable during Spring, but now is the ideal time to put a disaster recovery plan in place for your organisation and work out what you would do in terms of power if and when Storm Hannah strikes during 2019. Speak to a generator hire team as soon as possible to understand your options.

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