Case Study: Hospital Running On Temporary Power

Hospital running on Temporary Power – Generator Rental 

Templant were approached by a leading private healthcare organisation to supply the temporary power for a Main power shut down lasting over 4weeks. The hospitals power shut down was implemented by UK Power networks to make way for an upgrade on their mains power supply due to the expansion of the hospital.

Templant attended a site meeting with the client to distinguish the exact requirements for the shut down. The generator would need to be running continuous 24hours a day, 7days a week, so fuel management was also a key element.

A 550kva super silent generator rental and fully bunded external fuel tank were sourced from Templants own fleet of equipment. The logistics and installation were carried out on a Sunday morning, as this is when the hospital was at its lowest capacity allowing easier accessibility and movement around the service areas.

Templant were able to utilise their team of fully qualified electricians and engineers to ensure the installation run smoothly causing the least amount of disruption to the running of the hospital as possible. Due to the overall size and weight of the equipment, this needed to be placed into position using Templant’s 50 ton hiab assisted lorry.

Whilst the generator was operational at the hospital, it was the responsibility of Templant’s to monitor the fuel management. The fuel consumption was closely measured and resulted in a fuel delivery being scheduled for 3 times a week. This ensured the fuel levels never got to a critical level which could compromise the running of the operation.

Once UK Power networks had completed the upgrade on the mains supply, Templant attended site to decommission all the equipment and switched the hospital back over to run of the mains power supply.

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