Case Study: Supplying Power To Dressage At Hickstead

We’re Back in the Saddle in Sussex This Summer

Templant are pleased to be providing the power for the eagerly anticipated dressage events at Hickstead.

For over 20 years, Dressage at Hickstead has been one of the most popular venues on the equestrian circuit. Such is the prestige of the venue, it has elevated Britain’s status in the sport of dressage, and international riders regularly vote it as one of their favourite dressage venues. It’s important then, that the events run as smoothly as possible. That’s where we come in! This year we’re returning to Douglas Bunn’s All England Jumping Course to supply the event power to Dressage at Hickstead.

This Year’s Events

So what makes Dressage at Hickstead such a special site? Well, the interest that surrounds all of the events is huge, and they’re highly regarded by competitors and spectators alike. July saw the venue host the Hickstead Summer Regional Finals – which had extensive coverage on equestrian TV channels. Visitors can expect to see many more events at Hickstead throughout the summer and early autumn too. The Affiliated and Unaffiliated Dressage meetings are taking place until October, so there’s plenty of time to make sure that you catch one. There’s also Dressage at Hickstead’s own Unaffiliated Championships taking place on the 10th of September. These events are all major dates on the dressage calendar, and attract some of the very best riders in the sport.

Trade Stands

It’s not just the dressage events that visitors can look forward to though. Thanks to Dressage at Hickstead’s status in the dressage community, traders are keen to come to the event. You’ll be able to treat yourself (and your horse!) to a variety of innovative, stylish products – from the latest high-end riding gear to some tasty treats. Talking of food – you’ll find plenty of traders cooking up some delicious cuisine at the events as well. Of course, all of this requires power too – so we’ll be on site to make sure that as well as watch the main events, visitors can shop, drink and eat to their heart’s content too.

How We’re Helping

Dressage at Hickstead welcomes riders and horses from all over the world, and the venue has a very impressive reputation amongst those visiting. So a lot of work needs to be undertaken to make sure that the events run without any unnecessary interruption. We supply equipment like generators, distribution panels, cabling and lighting to the show, and work closely with event organisers to make sure that we’re able to meet their needs. A Templant engineer will be on site throughout each event, so that power usage can be constantly monitored and any problems solved quickly and efficiently. Our priority is that every event is sufficiently powered and well-lit from start to finish – so that it’s safe and enjoyable for both riders and spectators.

See You At Hickstead!

We’re really proud to supply the power to the dressage events at Hickstead this summer. It’s a venue that’s hosted some of the most prestigious competitions in the sport – and we want to help everyone at Dressage at Hickstead to build on that great reputation by making sure that there’s enough power to meet the demands of each competition. If you’re going to be attending one of the events this summer, we hope that our hard work pays off and you have a fantastic time!

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