Case Study: Emergency Power Supply For Currant Packaging

Templant Power Hire were contacted by Currant Packaging in the afternoon of Tuesday 10th December with an urgent requirement for power. Their entire cardboard packaging manufacturing plant covering 4600sq m with 50+ staff occupying 3 separate buildings was completely out of power. And naturally this, being their busiest time of year, was a disaster!

 As soon as the call came into the office Templant jumped into action and arrived at Thames Industrial Park at 16.00 to meet up with Curran Packaging to advise on their temporary power requirements. The loss of power had affected the entire Industrial Park so Templant contacted the site Landlord, 1 Big Storage Solutions, to assess the problem. The landlord informed them that the site’s HV TX compound had blown an HV switch causing the drastic power loss and that they were currently awaiting on an HV specialist to visit site, whom they have a service contract with, to rectify the problem.

Needless to say that in the interim Curran Packaging simply couldn’t afford to be out of production. Templant liaised with Curran to survey their buildings and assess exactly what their power hire needs were as quickly and efficiently as possible. By 17.00 this was complete and the required generators, fuel tanks and cabling were rang through to the Templant Office.

Templant’s logicstical team and further engineers arrived onsite and installed and connected up 2 x 300KVA generators with bulk fuel tanks and the necessary cabling to 2 of Curran’s 3 buildings and were back up and running with power by 21.00. They had decided to just power 2 of their buildings in the hope that the mains power was back up by the following day.

Unfortunately the next day the mains power at the Industrial Park was still down and having been without power for a day, 1 Big Storage Solution contacted Templant to assist with providing power to their main building housing 40 tenants. Once again Templant rushed into action visiting 1 Big Storage Solution’s premises to carry out a site survey to assess their power hire requirements. Templant arrived at the Park and installed and connected 2 x 135KVA generators synced together with a fuel tank and cabling, generating power for their 40 tenants by 13.30.

While on site on the Wednesday Templant received another temporary power requirements from yet another Company on the Industrial Park, Essex Tarpaulin. Templant specified and installed a 60KVA with fuel tank and the required cabling having them back up and with power by 14.00.

As well as the additional power for Essex Tarpaulin, Curran Packaging had once again contacted Templant as they had decided that they needed power to their 3rd Building. Templant Engineers therefore added an additional 100KVA generator to their existing set up that they had previously installed on the Tuesday.

On Thursday just after lunch Templant received another call from 1 Big Storage Solutions who wanted further power for 3 additional business units. Once again Templant headed down to the Industrial Park to survey the additional power hire requirements for the 3 units. A small 80KVA and cabling was specified, supplied and installed by 18.00 that evening.

Power to the site was finally restored on Friday afternoon. Templant logistical team and several engineers returned to the site to de-install their 7 generators, 5 fuel tanks and hundreds of metres of cabling and returned all the relevant buildings and business units back onto the mains supply.

Customer Comment:  “We were very impressed with the knowledge, thoroughness and expertise of your team, in solving the issues we had at Thames Industrial Estate. Your staff and the equipment arrived promptly, they were courteous and professional, we would use you again, if we had an emergency.”

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