Case Study: Temporary Power System For 46 New Apartments

Templant Powers 46 New Apartments

Templant applied their specialist knowledge when a property management company contracted them to provide a temporary power system to 46 new apartments within a converted office building.

With the conversion only recently being completed, the power network provider had yet to supply the building with adequate mains power. To prevent a delay in the new tenants moving in, the only solution was to acquire temporary power which would have the least amount of impact to the new tenants, in the way of unwanted noise, pollutions and limited space.

Templant’s project manager first attended site for a site assessment and designed the most suitable power resolution for the client’s specific needs. Drawing on their extensive knowledge and experience, Templant could work together with the client to ensure all their individual needs were catered for.

Templant supplied 2 super silent fully synchronised generators running on load demand, which would supply every apartment with the demanded power. Templant’s engineers and electricians attended site and installed the temporary cabling and distribution to each apartment via the internal switch room. This entailed running cabling from the generators to a mains distribution panel, then running the cables into the building to the switch room.
Once the temporary power infulstruture was in place and the generators running, it was the responsibility of Templant to manage the fuel usage. By remotely logging into the generators Templant could pin point the optimal time to schedule a re-fuelling to site, this prevented a disputation to the 24hr running a the generators.

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