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5 Ways to Disaster Proof Your Business

Disaster can strike any business, even huge brand name organisations can be affected by unprecedented events resulting in significant financial loss, redundancies or even the complete shutdown of the entire company. The relevancy of threats to an organisation will depend on the [...]Read more
18kw Heater

Generator Hire For Winter Weddings

So you’ve set the date and a picturesque outdoor location for your perfect winter wedding, but have you properly considered all of your power requirements? Creating the right atmosphere for your special day and all of the added extras that go with that can be complicated and [...]Read more

Emergency Generator Hire

Every year thousands of businesses find themselves without power from things such as bad weather conditions, accidents or equipment failures and faults. Without warning this means that companies can be left without internet, lighting, IT or security which is not only inconvenient [...]Read more
Templant power generators

The Truth Behind Templant Generators

Wide Range Of Power Solutions From A Green Supplier Why Templant are your number one choice of temporary power supplier. If you’re concerned about the recent National Grid outage that saw 1 million people across England and Wales lose power, then you might be wondering how to [...]Read more

What to Look for When Hiring A Generator

In most circumstances hiring a generator makes much more financial sense than purchasing one. With perhaps only occasional or limited usage the benefit of hiring this equipment means there is no need for a large upfront financial outlay, and you won’t need to worry about the [...]Read more
Temporary generators

Put an End To Unreliable Power Systems

If you’re having endless problems with your electricity supply, this can be at the very least a daily or weekly headache and annoyance. More worryingly, if you’re trying to run a business, this can quickly escalate with excessive costs and a slowdown in productivity. With regular [...]Read more
Essex roads in snow

Winter Storms Threaten UK Power Network

“Real Winter” is On Its Way 2019 is set to start in dramatic and blustery style with the Met Office warning that this could be the coldest winter on record. Those dreaming of a white Christmas were, once again, disappointed, but according to weather experts, winter has barely [...]Read more
Christmas fair

How We Keep Christmas Markets Alive

Christmas Markets Boost Community Spirit and the Local Economy Will you be visiting a Christmas Market this year? If not, consider adding it as one of your family’s festive traditions. It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas, a time steeped in routine and tradition. In our [...]Read more

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